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Revolution in Knitted Dresses

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Quirky colors like TigerLilly



Süel was established and grew out of a family tradition, and they had an ambitious dream to bring Knitwear back into the fashion trend.  One day, during the family dinner, they discussed it and began to plan something extraordinary, that has never been done with the yarn before. 


The ideas followed one another - knitting laces, crop tops and evening dresses. - and the results were received with amazing welcome by the audience. The bold and crisp style, as well as the unusual design, gifted them Internatinal Fashion Awards.


But that was just the beginning. Using their research in color analysis, they have built their own amplified color palette by harmonizing different shades and harmonizing the overlapping layers of colors.  This is how the color-names Blood-Orange, Frozen, Mojito, Chocolate, Fuchsia or Tiger Lilly were created. 

Freewheeling creativity has taken what can easily be called experimental knitwear to go further, and the unique pieces carry authentic signature.


They know that quality speaks for itself, so they did their own research to find the finest certified quality yarn to produce the best value products on the market. 


Taking into account the environment, sustainability was considered extremely important and ZERO-WASTE / WHOLEGARMENT technology was introduced.


Today, Süel is one of Hungary leading brands with a history of more than 30 years. What makes their presence a real heavyweight in the market is the unique, timeless fashion sense style that also holds its own in the slow fashion movement.

Basic and Crazy covers

Stylish pants and skirts

Summer Knits

Color Splash

Tunned to play

Handmade parts

Twisted yarn

Fancy and Chunky

Lacy World 

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Quirky colors like Jeans 

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Quirky Colors like Fuchsia 

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The founders: Zsuzsanna and Zsuzsi Csillag

Mother and Daughter brought us a unique, female owned, independent brand conquaring the markets for 30 years. 

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