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Independent, Feminine, Unique

I have had a dream to be surrounded by talented, high-vibrational women. I planned to open a business to give them a platform for their talent and creativity. It just took me a little courage to get started. 

My first step was at the beginning of 2022, when I dared to look for my favorite Hungarian fashion designer, Zsuzsi Csillag, CEO of Suel, if she wanted to participate in my first venture. 

She said yes, and I ended up among the most colorful, smartly designed knitted collections. I must add, it was difficult not to buy up all the clothes.

I got inspiration and guidance from her and continued to look for girls who have the heart, talent and vision to give the world something unique.

I asked AudryAnne, who is famous about her clean, classic, elegant design, to join to my mission and she said yes  as well, and she designed the most authentic, solo, linen collection just for me. 

I had the clothes, I just needed someone else who is also as unique as those girls and has an idea to design colorful jewelry for these dresses.

Eszter, the founder of Everything You Can Imagine Is Real (EYCIIR), a visionary painter whose painting is already well known worldwide for her authentic figures, accepted my invitation and sent me a wonderful collection of figurative jewelry with her own hidden story inside. 

Here I am with the exceptional opportunity to show the world three talented women, with their absolute unique, remarkable design. 

Because we are not just  a gorgeous body, but also a beautiful mind and a diamond heart, and we deserve the respect as such. 

Independent, Feminine and unique in every inch. 

Meet the Team

Since our Values are Independent, Feminine and Unique, we have our three extraordinary talented Women who embody them and bring us those values through their own creation.



My name is Dr. Szilvia Toth,

the founder of Evita Studio

I believe that "fashion can be used as a language", and my fashion studio talks about strong, independent women of extraordinary talent. 

During my ten years in the Middle East, I became an advocate for human and women's rights, and since returning to Europe, I have been looking for an opportunity to create something that not only satisfies my interest in art, beauty and fashion, but can also be a conduit for a deeper meaning.

In 2018 I created my website, which has been the founding stone of my mission with the 'Strong Women Project ', and I have been working with all my drawings and blogs, to expand on this idea. 

Providing platform for women with talents is my contribution of service which I feel compassionate about. 

Here we are in 2023, setting up a business with 3 wonderful women standing by my side with all their vibrating energies, ideas, and colors. 

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