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The Magical World of EYCIIR

The artist herself, Eszter Anna Vörös

When I first met Eszter Anna Vörös (the founder of EYCIIR - "Everything you can imagine is real" /Picasso/), it was in a drawing club. Her peculiar creations attracted all eyes, and the curators soon recognized her. She was invited from one exhibition to another, and as the words spread, her name and brand became synonymous with something magical and unique, and at the same time something as close, simple and familiar as a dream or a fairy tale.  Her fantasy world slowly appeared in ours.  

What makes her so special is her perception of life and the way she handles themes. 

Do you remember the bushfire in Australia couple of years ago? She touched the hearts of many when she called that particular piece into existence. 

Unexpected Guest
Fire and Ice

As interest in her work grew, she opened her "Magic Shop and Gallery" in Gödöllő, and today she not only successfully runs a fast-growing business but has also built a community of artists and friends with social events organized in the same place.

In 2022, it was my greatest pleasure to welcome her in Ireland and during her first trip to Connemara, she was so deeply touched by Nature, that she painted the 'Wild Atlantic Way' in a version that only she could, which has already been rewarded on many occasions. 

WildAtlantic Way

Her creativity has no boundaries and everyday she brings something new.

In 2017, she decided to make accessories with her works: pendants, brooches, rings and even some bookmarks and keychains.

She has been thinking in wearable art since there have been many requests on this matter. Her brooches and pendants are made of steel pendant trays and glass cabochons.

That was the connection point I made to win her over to Evita Studio. 

I am pleased to announce that her peculiar items of brooches and pendants are available in our shop and they are the perfect match with our fashion designer clothing and women knitted dresses. 

selection of necklaces
rabbit painting
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