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Diary about a Fashion Designer

I have to tell you the truth; I never knew what it would take to design fashion. All I know is that every time I saw AudryAnne's clothes, I wanted to wear them. 

When I approached her with the idea of designing something for me and she said yes, I got excited, but naively thought it was all, now I would just sit back, relax and wait for it to be done. 

I was so wrong.

adri fehér minták.JPG

AudryAnne opened a door for me to show a different world than mine, and guided me step by step. 

We decided on the quantity, the parts, the colors the materials together.

Each piece has become a unique, handmade, authentic piece of gem in its category, from embroidered art to sophisticated design that prioritizes uniqueness over trend and fast consumption, and therefore fits well with slow fashion movement.

adri szines minták.JPG

It was a unique experience to see how our dreams came true and how they were built before our eyes. 

Below we present the main parts of our very own, very unique AudryAnne collection, designed specifically for Evita Studio.  

csikos kollekction kicsi.JPG

Light and Elegant

At first we thought of summer dresses, something wearable on the street, but which is also feminine and elegant at the same time.

Sporty and Fun

What about the color of dark chocolate. We used it to express adventure and mixed it with pure white. 

kicsi kaki kollection.JPG
Adry tops javitott.JPG

Classic and Fresh 

There were some top designs, we were thinking somewhere in the middle between blouses and T-shirts, which in most cases provides classic attire. AudryAnne brought timeless ideas.

Adry promo2.JPG

Charming and Lively

What about patterned dresses? We thought about flowers and stripes. AudryAnne's ideas flourished from overalls to tops. 

Stylish and Romantic

AudryAnne began to play with the idea of mixing the basic pattern color with other fabrics. We love blue, so we gave navy blue a big boost to see what magic happens when she uses her tricks here and there. 

Check out our catalog and send an order today

boritó AudryAnne catalog.JPG
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